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Northern Anime Festival - the photo sessions

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Keeping with my Ad-Astra photos I went for many shots of a few people, in this case mostly the people who were hanging out outside and posing for photos.

General notes:

  • I had a telephoto lens that I tried to double as a portrait lens. Though it produced some good shots here and there, it also convinced me to get the right tool for the right job, meaning that I own a prime lens now.
  • This lens was really a bipolar experience - either it produced crap or really nice shots, with little in between. I guess that makes culling down photos into a manageable set much easier...
  • Outdoor photoshoots really are wonderful - so much more space to work with, so many less people to deal with. And NAF, being a small con, makes for an idea photo spot.
  • I actually *gasp* read a little about Photoshop and have actually learned to use some of the better tools. And it reallly helps out.

Final thoughts: And as this gallery is closed, I come to thank my stars that I only did one shoot with the mega-telephoto lens of grainyness. Hooray for never using that as a portrait lens again, though it has other uses. Still, lesson learned I guess, and I managed to wring a few good shots out of it. Anyway, again, many thanks to all who took part in this experiment in galleries and I'll do a better job next time [grin]


Nite Chan and Chii Motosuwa

Characters: Esther Blanchett and Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood

Click here for gallery (6 pictures)


Character: um, a foxy lady?

Click here for gallery (4 pictures)


Character: Flamedramon from Digimon

Click here for gallery (6 pictures)

Kristy and Sheena

Characters: Ichigo Ichigo Kurosaki and Ishida Uryu (maybe?) from Bleach

Click here for gallery (5 pictures)

(and Gloomy Bear)

Characters: um, Sakura and Gloomy Bear?

Click here for gallery (8 pictures)


Character: Someone from
Prince of Tennis

Click here for gallery (6 pictures)

Everyone else

Some Beckys some Blade Tigers, and other random folk

Click here for gallery (10 pictures)

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