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March TAC 2007 - the photo sessions

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Ah, March TAC (Toronto Anime Con) - the convention that doesn't do anything. But hey, it's free this time, so what better time to get some photo sessions in when cosplayers have little to no events to attend, right?

I only did a few galleries this time, but that's probably a good thing, since I'm experimenting with RAW format and it takes a little longer to process. At this time, I'm happy with what I see so far too - despite the limited lighting, some nice photos came out.

Anyway, mind the limited number of backgrounds (there's really only a few spots indoors that were bright enough for available-light photographs) and many thanks to those who took time away from doing nothing to assemble for photographs [grin].

Final Thoughts: Well, I've seen the magic of working with RAW, and I'm not going back [grin]. The format gives me a lot more room to play with the colour range. Next up, try not to overexpose everything, since I seem to do that a lot for some reason - I guess I kinda like the look, that's all. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the pics, thanks to all the costumers, and until next time...

If you're looking to use a photo of yourself: Um, that works for me. I'd ask you not to inline link the photos from elsewhere - link to the gallery page or such if possible. If you want to grab a copy and use it, that's cool. Just try to make some sort of mention/credit where it came from - linkage is always nice but not necessary, as is dropping a line so I know where my random photos have ended up [grin]. Oh, and in the unlikely event it's for commercial use, well, you gotta talk to me before anything like that would happen.



Source: Guilty Gear XX

Click here for gallery (10 pictures)

Pan and Sakura

Source: um, their closets?

Click here for gallery (12 pictures)

Costumer: Chibik3r0

Character DJ Tekka (Beatmania IIDX)

Click here for gallery (7 pictures)

Costumer - Rache

Talho from Eureka SeveN

Click here for gallery (10 pictures)

Costumer - Nikki

Eureka from Eureka SeveN

Click here for gallery (10 pictures)

Costumer - Pazuzu

Costume - Isane Kotetsu (Bleach)

Click here for gallery (9 pictures)

Inara Serra (Firefly)

Click here for gallery (8 photos)

Costumer: Becky

Character: Integral (Hellsing)

(With special guest dollfie...)
Click here for gallery (6 photos)

Phoenix Wright Cosplayers

Click here for gallery (19 photos)

Dusk Nobody
(Kingdom Hearts 2)

No gallery here, but the only photo I snapped in the hallway was of this cool Nobody costume from Kingdom Hearts 2. Props to Alice (i.e. the sombody in the Nobody) for the great costume and sacrificing the use of her fingers for a day.

Click here for a full-size image.


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