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Toronto ON

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Okay, so the pirate festival served more as a backdrop here, but I brought my camera to the pirate festival for some friend photos, including a mini-shoot with Sarah. While we were there, our crew encountered a really lovable group of parrots and some Hallmark-moment pictures ensued. So not many pirate photos, but plenty of Sarah and bird photos, plus a few more friend shots added to the mix.

In this case, I spent a while testing out one of the newer lenses and playing a lot with the minimum focus distance, so I had some hit-or-miss photos here. Regardless, there was a nice set of keepers, and I'll share the higlights below.




Aw... Sarah meets a really friendly bird.


















Ah, mister blindy, the gold reflector, we meet again.




Was it something I said?




I love the contrast here...

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