sitemap Osgoode Hall 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Mage as... something... from Final Fantasy Agito XIII



Osgoode Hall 2008 photoshoot

Mage wait for it?

Source: Final Fantasy Agito XIII

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For once I'm not blanking on the costume because I don't know - as far as I know, there's no name for it yet, and Mage took the design from some concept art. Somehow I can only imagine getting the jump on new designs can only lead to an arms race, culminating when cosplayers are caught going through the garbage of designers. But I digress...

Mage was game for photos, and she had a nice mobile outfit, making for a nice variety of shots. The security guard, thankfully enough, was cool with us shooting (since we weren't doing this for profit) and we got a nice set in between clouds of tourists passing through. Thanks to Mage for climbing all over Osgoode Hall, and enjoy the photos.


Fun with mister blindy, though it wasn't needed for most of the shoot.
















Stylish and violent - always a match made in heaven.


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