sitemap Anime North 2008 cosplay photoshoot - My Pokemans 1 - Beedrill Gijinka

Anime North 2008 cosplay photoshoot

My Pokemans 1: Bluerose as Beedrill (Gijinka)

Source: Pokemon

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The first of three individual sets of photos, we took this in the industrial wasteland next to the TCC with the liberal use of mister blindy (a gold reflector) to keep the really hard shadows from overpowering. I was really happy with this set - Bluerose had done a phenomenal job with her costume and I was really happy to get a goot set with it, because it was too insanely good to not get some nice phtos with it.

Thanks again to Bluerose for providing the awesome outfit, not to mention being blinded by the reflector, and enjoy the photos.
















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