sitemap Northern Anime Festival 2008 cosplay photoshoot - Non-cosplayer as Togepi Gijinka

Northern Anime Festival 2008 cosplay photoshoot


As Togepi (Gijinka)

Source: Pokemon

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The increasingly-badly-named person Non-Cosplayer was sporting some simple summer gear with a cosplay bent - a street-clothes take on a Pokemon. Anyway, I guess we mostly did seated shots due to his enormous height or somehting, but it was a fun set and we've got some highlights below. Thanks to non-cosplayer for icreasingly defying his name, and enjoy the pics.


I have no idea what's going on here, but apparently he doesn't either, so we're good.




Togepi lounges on a local sculpture, further towering above the city...








Okay, I'll be running away now...

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