sitemap Otakon 2008, Baltimore, Maryland cosplay photoshoot - neoangelwink as Sora from Kaleido Star



Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

neoangelwink as Sora

Source: Kaleido Star

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I'd received word from Ladyofthethread (whose gallery is coming soon, I promise) that her and another cosplayer were looking for photos. We met at mid-day for the shoot, and we managed to wander around a bit and get some shots in.

It was a bit of a challenge - big white wings were both a source of light bloom and the windy day lead to some... fun situations. Still we persevered, and neoangelwink was a trooper and was up for walking around to get some shots around the local area, including the fountains, the front of the convention centre, and some trees. Neoangelwink was game, and we got some nice pics as a result, and the highlights are below, plus a couple of paired shots (the others ending up on the forthcoming ladyofthethread gallery).

Thanks to neoangelwink for carting some large wings around in high winds, not to mention enduring the reflector, and enjoy the photos.






She's cleared for takeoff...










I really like this closeup...








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