sitemap Otakon 2008, Baltimore, Maryland cosplay photoshoot - LadyOfTheThead as Count D



Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

LadyOfTheThead as Count D

Source: Pet Shop of Horrors

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I'm not sure what happened, but for some reason my flash was behaving weirdly at Otakon, so we got a shoot in, but it resulted in Ladyofthethread being blinded way more times than was necessary for it, and for that, I definitely salute her perseverence. Flash issues aside (since then I've avoided the problem by avoiding TTL flash - photo geek moment over) this was a fairly straightforward set, notwithstanding it being fairly dark at the time. A little tripod, a little ISO, a little flash, and a lot of Ladyofthethread holding really still, and things turned out fine. We both had to flee our separate ways, so it was a short shoot, but I think it turned out fairly well.

Thanks again to ladyofthethread for enduring the moments of blindness and enjoy the photos.














Once you manged to get everyone out of frame, the celing beams and skylines made for nice backgrounds at night...


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