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Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Steampunk Bunny

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Along with Chad, Bunny had assembed a steampunk rig, serving as chief communications officer along with Chad's death-ray-toting adventurer. Together they fought the forces of, er, lack of photos, and took part in a fun shoot by the fountain area. We'd started with Chad, and by the time Bunny's shoot was upon us, we were losing light, so sadly no mister blindy, which may have been good, since blindness is kind of a big sacrifice to make for photos.

Anyway, it was a fun shoot, and Bunny was game for running around for all the shots we needed, and hey, I think it turned out quite nicely. Thanks again to Bunny and Chad for letting me drag them around for the shoot, and enjoy the photos.




...yes operator, I'll hold...










...this is Bunny here - still no sign of the mysterious golem that has been terrorizing the village. It has to be nearby..., cancel that last statement... uh-oh...




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