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Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Sam as Travis Touchdown

Source: No More Heroes

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So there was good news and bad news with this shoot. The good news was that I took a metric buttload of photos for it. The bad news was that this meant I had a massive pile of photos to go through, so Sam's gallery ended up being put off as my carpal tunnel cried out in protest. Well, it's done now, and I think the collection is a great mix of photos. Taken over the course of a few meetings with Sam, she gets bonus points for doing this while haviing serious difficulty walking. I don't know if the toe ended up being broken or not, but it felt that way at the time, and she gets bonus hardcore points for taking part.

Normally, my number one hangup about shooting at a convention is that, well, it looks like a convention. In the case of Travis Touchdown, however, it works pretty well given that the character is a massive geek and as such, would be right at home in the confines of Otakon. As a result, we mixed some shots of Travis mingling at the con, a few outside near some greenery and urban backdrops, and several more in the later hours with the help of a tripod and extra flash.

Thanks to Sam for taking part for so long, especially since it hurt to walk. Enjoy the photos.




*cue angelic chorus sounds*




Travis is home...




...okay, maybe a little *too* at home...










This green spot gave really awesome lighting. No complaints...






Later on, photos at night. A mix of many attempts and a bit of luck gets everything in focus.






Take a break, you've earned it...


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