Youmacon 2010 cosplay photoshoot

Tessceres' Dr. Who clothing collection

Source: Dr. Who

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Early on at the con myself and a few other photographers went with Tessceres and company for some shots of the outfits she designed and made based on various Dr. Who characters and elements. Thankfully, we had a bunch of troopers who were willing to face the cold in these shots, so we got some nice photos on the grassy area on top of the mall. I'm short of a few names for the costumes, but I'll fill those in as I get them. Thanks to everyone for being so game for these shots, and enjoy the set.


Tessceres in he call box dress




Harl's outfit as inspired by one of the Doctors






Emmylou as a Doctor design






























Hm, this photo needs more action... ASSUME THE DR. WHO ACTION POSE!!!


...there we go.






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