Zombie Walk 2010 cosplay photoshoot

On the walk

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Given the crowds of onlookers (really, it's become the Halloween parade now) and the general need to keep moving, the photo ops were a bit few and far between, but a few moments happened where we could get some shots in. Thanks to everyone on the walk, enjoy the pics.






Okay, this DC reboot is getting weirder by the second...


Jeff Burke, also known as Bassooner or later, provides an appropriate Bassoon and Theremin soundtrack to the proceedings.


Consult your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur - redness, swelling, lethargy, a craving to feast on the flesh of the living...


Um, a little help here?, I don't mean to intrude, but how is some gauze going to...


...oh, that's better... wait, where did that come from? On second thought, I won't ask.




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