Otakuthon 2011

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As part of the weekend, I took some photographs of the events at the con in action. It's fun to see a con from the side of the attendee instead of staff, so I figured get some shots of life at the convention. Enjoy the photos...


Ah yes, everyone's favourite part of the con, reg lines! Though to their credit, these were moving pretty fast when I was there...


Sarcasm-Hime gives her Kimono workshop


The video game room, running all weekend...


And for bonus insanity points, DDR in stiletto heels...


A mainstay of many anime cons, The 404s are an Improv group with an anime/geek/fandom slant to it, and it's always a great draw at cons.






Yep, it's a high-energy show...




One novel idea was using the now-mostly-open reg area to house lineups, in this case for the masquerade.


Under heavy guard, attendees enter the masquerade.


Masquerade judges giving out awards.


Attendees wait in line for autographs.


Haruko Momoi, the Japanese guest of Honor, signs autographs.


Some traditional Japanese folk dancing.


Identity obscured to protect a sleepy staffer... hey, it was Sunday, give him a break.


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