MAGFest 2012 cosplay photoshoot

athena1chan as Korra

Source: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

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A short but kinda physically challenging shoot due to the fact that it was shot in incredibly cold conditions - while it was nice outside, we went into an ice sculpture event where it was kept at 9 F (-13 C) - and we had one jacket between the two of us. And I was in shorts. Oops. Anyway, the event was themed for the Madagascar movie, so the we had to shoot carefully to avoid comical penguins, but we managed some cool photos, and the staff were perfectly chill (pardon the pun) about us doing the photoshoot. Super-special thanks to athena1chan for braving the cold, the ICE staff for letting us shoot in there (probably out of sheer disbelief over what we wore in there), and enjoy the pics.














We had some serious times...


...and some not-so-serious. For the record, this slide doesn't work in shorts, though the staff were amused at my attempt.










By this point we were both losing feeling in our hands.


After, we warmed up by taking some shots in the main fountain area.






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