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Casa Loma 2006 - the photo sessions

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For a change of pace, a few of us headed out to Casa Loma for some brunch and some photos. Not really a cosplay run per se, but Pan, Sakura, Kristy and Sheena were all up for photos in their outfits, and I was happy to oblige.

We were a bit low-key; we weren't shooting for profit, but excessive photos may have drawn unwanted attention given their photo fee. And if anyone from Casa Loma is reading this, really, we're not making any money off of this.

Final notes: This was a mini-shoot, but the nice backdrop, forgiving cloudy day and patient costumers meant we got some nice pics out of it. We have to play low-key at Casa Loma, but it's a nice spot for such pics.


Kristy and Sheena

Series: Um, yes?

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Sakura (with special guest Pan)

Characters: Um, maybe?

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Pan and Sakura, together...

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