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The CNE 2006 - the photo sessions

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In Toronto, one of the sure signs of the coming death of summer is the start of the Canadian National Exhibition, or CNE. Sadly, it's really failed to keep up with the times - I mean, 10-20 years ago being able to buy foods and home furnishings from *gasp* Asia may have been kinda special for the average city dweller, but nowadays it's called going to the mall. And the midway costs a lot.

But, I'm not here to bury it - I'm here to report on the annual excursion to the CNE, generally in costume.

No, there's no costume events there, we just do it. Well, this year other people did it and I took pictures, but the sticking out like a sore thumb was shared by all.

Anyway, the sunlight and open spaces means I can use one of my better lenses and get some clear shots. Of course, it'd have helped if I took the pictures earlier, as bunch were taken with failing light, but overall things turned out well regardless. My thanks to those involved and we'll see their galleries up shortly.

Final thoughts: Well, I'm really happy with the group pics, which is rare for me. They capatured the day quite well I think. Still need a reflector for these sunny days. Ah well, fun times and on I go to the next event...


Group gallery #1

Hanging around the Ex...

Click here for gallery (14 pictures)

Group gallery #2

Naruto meets Ontario Place...

Click here for gallery (14 pictures)


Dressed as Naruto from, well, you can guess...

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Individual photos

Sakura, Becky and Hikari Light

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