sitemap July 15, 2007 - Shinshi Doumei Cross photoshoot

July 15, 2007 - University of Toronto

Shinshi Doumei Cross photoshoot

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Five cosplayers, one university campus, and a chance encounter with a music video - all in a day's photoshoot I guess. Anyway, we descended on the University of Toronto campus for a day out of hanging out and shooting photos, followed by dinner. In the middle, we ended up crossing paths with a band shooting a music video, getting caught in the action in the process, but that story is left for the gallery below.

With many photos taken, there are plenty of highlight photos to share. Thanks to all, and I'll get more character names for the show shortly...

And now that I have the dramatis personae, here's the cast of characters:

  • Kels - Shizumasa Tougu aka Koutei ("The Emperor") aka the President of the council
    (aka the pathetic twin)
  • Sakura - Haine Otomiya aka "The Platinum" aka the bodyguard of the president
    (aka the lovesick yankee)
  • Pan - Maora Ichinomiya, Treasurer of the Council
    (aka the trap)
  • hikarilight - Ushio Amamiya, um, the Secretary
  • Seed-chan - Maguri Tsujimiya, Vice-President of the Council
    (aka the super gay Yakuza)

Final Thoughts: Well, this is the first shoot I've been in that morphed into a music video, so it was kind of a day for the unexpected. Anyway, I think this shoot represented a good step forward for my outdoor shooting, and my paired and group composition, so that's a good thing. Oh, and I had a great time that day too, so that's the most important part. Thanks again to all, and enjoy the pics.


Individual photos 1

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(5 pictures)


Individual photos 2

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(6 pictures)


Group photos 1

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(12 pictures)


Group photos 2

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(12 pictures)


The music video

aka High School Musical, manga-style

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(14 pictures)


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