sitemap Crimson's photoshoot - july 29, 2007, Toronto, ON

Crimson's photoshoot

July 29, 2007, Toronto ON

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A quick day out - Amanda, Kevin and I headed out with Crimson for shooting at various locations. Our original spot didn't work out. Note to Cadillac Fairview - people with cameras are not necessarily terrorists, and really, three people with very obvious cameras are not a threat to the TD centre. Please let your security know when they see people outdoors taking photos. Thanks...

*ahem* rant over. Anyway, after that we headed around Union Station and skywalk for photos. I just love the cool colours that came out with the shoot, and it was tough culling the set down to the highlights below. The light was natually soft, the colours worked really well, and Crimson was great at letting the three of us photograph her until there was no more light.

Extra thanks to Crimson - you look awesome, and it was a great shoot. Enjoy the pics everyone...


No photoshop blur here - just the glass wall giving a great soft look to the photo.


















Yeah, Crimson's up in the tower somewhere - really [grin]. I like the pic.




Adventures with mister blindy - I like the effect.

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