sitemap October 28, 2007 - Ragnarok Online photoshoot, Hamilton Ontario

October 28, 2007 photoshoot - Spencer's Falls, Hamilton Ontario

Ragnarok Online photoshoot

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The stated goal was a photoshoot taking advantage of fall colours, but really, we just took advantage of some nice scenery, a fairly empty park, and a nice and sunny, but chilly day. Anyway, these brave souls, four photographers and a few assistants converged to get some photos. Cliffs, waterfalls, scenic bridges - the set had it all.

Overall, I think this is one of the more solid overall shoots - consistent use of a polarizer and the gold reflector really filled out the colours well. I'm starting to get the hang of shooting in sunlight, and these photos look to be a good development in that. Anyway, thanks to all below who braved the cold, not to mention a waterfall spraying mist at them, and enjoy the photo highlights to come.

Final thoughts: On one hand, this was the strongest set of outdoor photos I've taken, but on the other hand, it was a challenge and in places I could definitely use some improvement. In the future, I suck it up and carry my tripod with me, both for longer shutter times in the shade and for using with the fill flash. Still, it's quite a step forward for my outdoor work, in my opinion, so I'm really happy to have taken this set. Now, it's winter so we've got entirely new challenges outdoors, but I'll have a go at that too soon...


Chibik3ro as

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Kia as
High Wizard

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Ochika as Bard

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Scoti as Thief

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Lisa as Rogue

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Group and other various photos

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