sitemap Gilly's cosplay photoshoot - Blue Faerie at Old Mill Park



Old Mill Park costuming photoshoot,

October 13, 2008

Gilly as Blue Faerie

Source: Original design



At the Nuit Blanche photoshoot Gilly ended up going first and spent much of the time perched in a tree with me trying to get the shot. Unfortunately time was short and I really didn't get many keepers in that set, so we set out to right that injustice and photograph Gilly another time. That other time came thanksgiving weekend, where a bright and sunny day brought us back to the Old Mill park for some photos along the river, under the bridge, and everywhere else in between.

Being just the two of us, there was no handy person to hold the reflector, so this was all my fill flash attached to a tripod so I could control the light. Lots of batteries for the full-power photos, but I think it was worth it. Anyway, Gilly was awesome trooping around the park, attracting a lot of passerby attention (it was a holiday, and nice out, so everyone and their uncle was out that day) but besides having to photoshop out some onlookers, all went well, and I'm really happy with the result. Many thanks to Gilly for wandering around for an afternoon - we were both completely dead after this. Enjoy the photos.


Probably the last photo taken, but it's one of my faves...


Not photoshop... Gilly just kinda glows like that.


We started under a rusty bridge. No trolls encountered, but there was lots of photos.

















  trolls here either. But lots of bystanders...








I'm actually shooting into the sun here. This is probably ill-advised, both for the camera and the flash which is firing at full power. Still, it was the angle we wanted.




And finally, those tree shots we'd been trying to get at Nuit Blanche...