ConBravo 2012 cosplay photoshoot

Evangelion school photos

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For this quick shoot we had the trio by the poolside of Lossien as Asuka, rinata-chan as Rei, and Ezri as Hikari, with a random introduction of GoalieGirl30, and her friend that I don't have a URL for. Hangouts by the pool, some fun photos, and a good time was had by all while we all enjoyed the con together. Thanks to everyone for letting me shoot them, and enjoy the photos.




Ezri was heading out of town for a while, so we made sure to get some photos... She'll be home soon :)






So GoalieGirl30 and her friend were hanging out and also taking photos. I figured it was a chance to get a few more shots, and I think the results were nice. Woo random close-ups!












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