Katsucon 2012 cosplay photoshoot

Rynn as Yukiho
IchigoKitty as Hibiki
MelfinaCosplay as Miki
Katie as Takane
Inabari as Chihaya

Source: Idolmaster

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In a random stroke of luck, I'd noticed a generally unused area of the hotel on the way to the pool. Since everyone was shooting at the gazebo level, we went down there for photos without the crowds. Thankfully, despite being basically underground, the lighting situation was great - well lit, and a single flash could effectively cover the entire area thanks to lots of white marble.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the greatest at arranging groups, so I'm really happy the lighting situation was simple enough that I could worry more about people placement, and this bunch was quite game for getting a bunch of different shots. Thanks again to the entire group for taking part, apologies for the delay, and enjoy the photos...
























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