Halloween 2011 photoshoot

Stray Wind as Sam

Source: Trick 'R Treat



Without question the most involved single photoshoot I've ever done - 15 awesome friends carving 35 pumpkins over the course of an afternoon, followed by this photoshoot on the front lawn of my house as the occasional neighbor wondered what the hell was going on, given that it wasn't Halloween yet.

Fun with set decorating aside, this was a challenge to shoot, since there's two and sometimes three major light sources - the pumpkin candles, the wireless flash and occasionally the 1000 watt halogens lighting up the area, though those were quickly abandoned for use only to help set up shots and get the camera to focus, because they drowned out everything else. Straywind was a champ, posing in a costume she can barely see out of, and being willing to freeze her hands off while we shot it all. Extra special thanks to all the folks who came out to make this amazing shoot happen - you made Straywind's dream shoot happen, and gave me one of the best photoshoots I've ever done. Nuff said, enjoy the photos.


This shot alone pretty much made it all worth it...




























Dark secret - this is actually a composite of two images with varying degrees of cool streaky blur and relatively sharp background. Sometimes it's easier to fake it...