Snow shoot 2013

Straywind as Sherry Birkin

Source: Resident Evil 6

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First off, we had Sherry Birkin. This one was tricky for a few reasons, among them the unplowed sidewalks and roads, but also the fact that school just got out and we were doing photos with guns. Right next to a school. So we had to employ a bit of discretion with the gunplay for these shots.

In this case, we had a pretty long shoot, only cut short when my flash trigger battery started to give out, be it from the cold or from just a low charge. By the end, we both needed to defrost a bit, so we packed it in with a pretty good set of photos under out belt. Super thanks to Straywind for taking part and freezing her butt (almost literally) for several of the shots.






























Conditions were on and off for this shoot, and this blizzard bit worked quite well.


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