sitemap Otakon 2008, Baltimore, Maryland cosplay photoshoot - Evan as Cloud Strife



Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Evan as Cloud Strife

Source: Final Fantasy VII

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Along with Bunny came Evan, who was sporting the requisite sword, gear, black clothing and angst to be Cloud Strife. Bunny and Chad were frantically searching for their doomsday device to accompany their steampunk gear so we had some time for a shoot around the ever-popular fountain area.

I think this turned out well - usually my first shoot with someone is a bit off, but this was a good solid shoot, thanks to Evan being happy to be angsty and pose-y and such. It was a fairly simple shoot, but it worked out really well I think. Thanks to Evan for brining the angst, not to mention the giant-ass sword, and enjoy the photos.




Yes, that *is* his happy face...












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