sitemap Otakon 2008, Baltimore, Maryland cosplay photoshoot - Sarah Dupont from Kaleido Star



Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Ladyofthethread as Sarah Dupont

Source: Kaleido Star

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Together with Sora's gallery LadyOfTheThread had a related costume, which had lots of purple and fun fur. This isn't really a great mix with the summer weather, so understandably things were kept somewhat short, but still, we got some wonderful photos in, especially in a wooded area which for whatever reason had really nice natural lighting.

Anyway, these photos, combined with some paired photos later, make a nice highlight gallery below. Thanks to ladyofthethread for boiling away in the outfit, and enjoy the photos.


Like I said, the wooded area just had some really nice lighting. Makes my life much easier...






















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