sitemap Otakon 2008, Baltimore, Maryland cosplay photoshoot - Ryuuraigeki as Orihime from Bleach



Otakon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Ryuuraigeki as Orihime

Source: Bleach

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One of the first shoots I did at the con, I grabbed some photos with Ryuuraigeki on the way over to do some Silent Hill photos. Ryuuraigeki brought the full force of psychic butterfly power to the shoot, and we grabbed the front entrance of the hotel for some nice brick exterior shots. On the way over, as our Pyramid head and our Lurker died of heatstroke, we took a few more shots along the way. Always a champ with Mister Blindy (aka the gold reflector) we survived the heat, no mean feat given her multi-layered costume of heatstroke +1, and below you can see the highlights.

Thanks to Ryuuraigeki for enduring the heat and helping out with the horror pics later, and enjoy the photos...






















Yes, Orihime ponders a lot...




Truly inspired, Orihime joins in on the dance...


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