sitemap Youmacon 2008, Detroit, Michigan cosplay photoshoot - Sheryl Nome and Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier



Youmacon 2008 cosplay photoshoot

Chobrat and 4ng3l as Sheryl Nome and Alto Saotome

Source: Macross Frontier

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As you can tell, this shoot was near dusk and we used the last of the sunlight to get this set in, not to mention a lot of flash to battle against the heavy backlighting and get some nice flare-y photos. Anyway, the cute couple in question is Chobrat and 4ng3l, who decked themselves out in the modern-retro stylings of the Macross universe to galavant around the front lawn of the convention centre.

Anyway, it was a cute set, and despite some eyestrain from the sunset, we all emerged more or less unscathed. Thanks again to 4ng3l and Chobrat for striking a pose together and enjoy the photos.








Physical proof 4ng3l's chin has the power of a small sun.








Contractually-obligated wide-angle photo of Chobrat at close range. Aw.....






Figured the paparazzi-esque lens would get the right look here.
















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