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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger cosplay photos

July 10, 2008 - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

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Okay, you probably haven't heard of this game yet, but that doesn't stop Crimson and Hikari Light (with the awesome assistance of Seed-Chan) from making some cool costumes from it and wander around the middle of downtown near rush hour for photos. We borrowed a local church exterior and the Bloor Viaduct and everything in between for a quick but productive shoot, followed by some tasty Korean food, and a great time overall.

Thanks to these three for both trucking around the city in costume and/or helping out, and enjoy the photos.

Final Thoughts: For a quick shoot, we got some nice photos from the fading light and the downtown locale. I'd like to do more hit-and-run shoots like this, especially now that I'm getting a better handle on my lighting. Can't complain about this one. Thanks again everyone for getting together and working so well with such a short time.


Noel Vermillion

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Ragna the Bloodedge

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Paired photos

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