sitemap Kariya park photoshoot, January 27, 2008 - Uta's photoshoot

Kariya park, January 27, 2008
cosplay photoshoot

Uta Arashi as, Original Slytherin Student

Inspiration: Harry Potter

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Not exactly cannon, but Uta put together this outfit for the shoot and wore it with authority, braving the cold for pics. She had a golden snitch, goggles and awesome jewelry.

It was really hard narrowing down pics for this shoot, so I didn't get rid of many - bad habit, but it was a really fun set. Thanks to Uta for the great set and enjoy the pics.





















I love this shot - the snow had just started to fall, and the angle just made for what might be my fave pic of the set.


It was at this point when I noticed the jewelry she had on, and my inner geek was about ready to propose to her on the spot... [grin]

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