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Kuroshitsuji phototoshoot, London Ontario

Chibi Bara as Ciel Phantomhive

Source: Kuroshitsuji

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Well, this shoot had two difficulties - one we were shooting in a graveyard, and two, we were shooting in a blizard. Looking at the photos you can sort of get a picture of how hard it was falling. Shot in the historical section of a graveyard, one that offered photo tours, so as to keep the intrusion to a minimum. I'm not concerned about the dead, but I am concerned about the living coming to kick our butts for being there. Anyway, the elements were a much bigger challenge, so we had to keep it short as the snow piled up on us. For that, Chibi Bara is mad for being up for shooting under these ridiculous conditions, and many thanks to her willingness to endure the cold. Enjoy the photos, hopefully they were worth the cold, frostbite and waterlogged shoes.














This should give you an idea of how ridiculously hard it was snowing.






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