Snow shoot 2013

Straywind as Lisa Garland

Source: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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After we finished up the Sherry shoot we headed back to warm up a bit, play some Silent Hill 3, and then did a couple of micro-shoots in this cosplay. Since it was freaking cold outside and she's wearing scrubs, we had to keep these to about five minutes a shoot, with enough time to get to the middle of the street, get a few shots under different light and call it a night.

To put it mildly, this was a rather frozen shoot so we were both feeling it, especially since I broke out the iPad for photos and that meant I had no gloves on either (and to maintain solidarity, I skipped wearing a jacket so I could make sure I knew how cold Straywind was getting as well), and Straywind gets much kudos for letting me do this to her. Thanks again, enjoy the photos.










This was our second trip outside, late at night.






For fun, I broke out the iPad for a few experiment shots with it. The noise and decay were done up in Snapseed.




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